Extended Reality experiences are paving the way for revolutionary opportunities in medical education and patient comfort. Our solutions empower the next generation of medical professionals and offer valuable support to patients.

Train medical students in lifelike but low-stakes VR learning environments, or aid patient rehabilitation using accessible VR testing simulations. Leverage the power of curiosity and exploration using engaging and informative AR apps aimed at students or patients. Use the immersive qualities of XR to bring about tangible, positive change and improve outcomes across many facets of the healthcare sector. 


Captivate and empower students and employees with immersive, multisensory experiences. With VR, bring learners into the heart of critical environments such as the ICU or Operating Room. Guide users through complex healthcare processes step-by-step and help them foster a deep understanding of even the most rare procedures. 

Elm Park Labs excels in creating multiuser simulations that transcend geographical boundaries. Our solutions are compact, portable, and significantly reduce the need for travel, making training more efficient and cost-effective. 

We craft each training simulation in collaboration with our healthcare strategic partners. Together, we aim to accelerate training, conquer the learning curve, and improve users’ knowledge retention, performance, and confidence. 

Use Cases

Train students and associates on high stakes surgery in VR

Simulate a nurse’s day in VR, including speaking to AI patients

Complete a process with brand new equipment before it gets to the hospital

Add another layer of realism to a physical simulation using a Mixed Reality headset


We craft engaging and accessible XR resources that enhance educational experiences for medical students and patients.

AR applications, which are readily available on phone and tablets, have the potential to provide patients and their families with compact experiences with in-depth insights into hospital procedures and equipment. Unlike traditional paper pamphlets, AR engages multiple learning styles using visual, auditory, and interactive elements perfect for users of any age. VR takes immersion a step further, bringing medical processes to life and placing patients and students right at the center of the action. These solutions have the potential to instill confidence and calmness in patients, saving nurses valuable time spent on patient education and thus improving healthcare outcomes. 

Our solutions offer the same to medical students and more. Using their phone or tablet, students can have access to complex 3D anatomical models, animated processes, and more, allowing for continuous learning beyond the classroom. 

Use Cases

Create a bank of anatomical models for students in AR

Bring medical processes and history to life in VR

Reduce patient anxiety by using AR to prime them on hospital process and equipment

Help patients visualize their procedure by showing them in VR

case-based simulations

We prioritize authenticity and realism in our simulations. To accomplish this, each solution is co-created with a relevant team of healthcare professionals. Our aim is to match real-world scenarios as closely as possible, including introducing rare and high-stakes complications to our simulations. We then leverage the power of immersion to prepare our users for even the most challenging scenarios they may encounter in healthcare. 

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in healthcare. To bolster realism and accelerate training, we develop configurable VR spaces that can be modified to match the room and equipment setups specific to your organization. We are also ready to deploy additional XR technology such as haptic wearables or VR treadmills to best accomplish our client’s goals for the project. 

EPL solutions provide comprehensive data analytics and breakdowns. This insightful feedback empowers users to understand exactly what went right, what went wrong, and how they can improve their performance. 

Use Cases

Train students on a variety of rare and stressful scenarios in VR

Analyze a patient’s symptoms by mirroring daily life using VR and a VR Treadmill

Familiarize students with some of the sensations of surgery using VR and Haptic Gloves

Use one simulation to train associates of multiple hospitals and organizations using hospital environment customization

Troubleshoot complications in XR simulations using your organization’s equipment

equipment life cycle management (elcm)

In the realm of healthcare, every second counts. We support healthcare professionals by providing solutions that shorten their learning curves and simplify their use of cutting-edge medical equipment.

From manufacturing and assembly, to operation, maintenance, and repair, we create  versatile tools that streamline the entire process. Digitize any step of the equipment lifecycle in AR or VR to facilitate more efficient learning. 

Our solutions go beyond knowledge acquisition, helping to establish muscle memory through repeated VR training, or by serving as an accessible, in-depth resource that can be referenced at any time. Say goodbye to the limitations of a flat 2D image and offer a full 360 degree view of equipment at any step to deepen your user’s understanding of the process. 

Use Cases

Optimize operations during manufacturing by training users in VR or AR

Provide interactive operation instructions to all customers via AR app

Support maintenance and repair remotely using Mixed Reality

Simplify build and operation using accurate animations in XR

sales and marketing

At Elm Park Labs, XR is more than just a wow factor; it’s a game-changer. Digitize your product of any size in AR and showcase it to clients and trade show attendees worldwide. With only a phone or tablet, bring your product into the room with you and show off the features, benefits, and intricacies of its make. Distribute the app to your client so they can see the product in their intended space using their device camera. 

Use VR to transport your customers into immersive scenarios limited only by your imagination. Invite them to explore virtual worlds where they can experience your product line to its fullest, highlighting its outstanding features at every turn. Allow them to customize your product in real time, making each experience truly unique. 

Our XR solutions are not just about impressing your customer, but transforming the way your customers engage with your brand and product offerings. 

Use Cases

Put users on the medical frontlines in VR and show them the benefits of your product

Seize product placement opportunities and leverage the placement of your products while users conduct training in XR

Highlight the complex inner workings of your products to your customers in XR

Help customers visualize your product in their space using AR

Walk customers through an entire procedure using your product or product line in AR or VR