Our rapidly evolving world demands adaptable solutions that can support a shifting landscape of priorities. We created our Modular Development Platform to serve as a versatile foundation for all our solutions. Our platform provides comprehensive support across all forms of XR, multi-device capabilities, in-depth analytics, and seamless integration with our customer portal. 

The foundation consists of three core products: ECHO, MIRAGE, and NXTSTEP. These products can be tailored to suit each client’s specific needs or serve as a launchpad for crafting unique solutions with custom functionalities. Regardless of your choice, we bring our XR expertise to the forefront with reduced development costs and quicker timelines than our competitors. 


Training an effective workforce is easier said than done. ECHO can be used to shrink training cycles, bridge the growing skills gap, and educate future generations.

Leverage the immersive qualities of virtual reality to train employees in a totally new way. The result is a near 1:1 virtual simulation using the EPL “Teach-Learn-Assess” philosophy.


Guide employees through procedures in VR


Repeat the simulation as often as needed


Capture employee performance using customized metrics

Customers are seeking faster and better ways to evaluate potential products and explore new experiences with confidence. MIRAGE is a flexible way to communicate your products, services, and processes to your end users.

Deliver unique, user-centric experiences through interactive applications. Present your product offering in visually stunning 3D spaces with access to all product features, functionality, and options. Guide users through a crafted educational experience that compliments the services of your organization.

Enhance customer experience with stunning 3D visuals

Preview all configurable options before buying

Free up staff by putting customization and education in your user's hands

Everyone learns differently. For some, paper instructions can be too text-heavy and abstract to comprehend quickly. Many visual methods such as animated videos are costly to create, change, and update.

NXTSTEP is a new way of absorbing a product’s step-by-step procedures within an interactive 3D viewer. Empower associates by providing them with in-depth animated instructions available anywhere via tablet or phone. 

Gain understanding by rotating and zooming on 3D objects during any step of the process

Quickly jump between assembly procedures

Assess parts, specifications, and ordering from within the application

Data Analytics

XR opens the door to a wide breadth of new data analytics. To maximize the impact of our solutions, we created Elm Park LINKour customer portal, content management system, and analytics repository. This robust toolset seamlessly integrates into every project at the ground level and can be tailored to speak to the most valuable metrics for your organization. 

We partner with you to define the ideal outcomes for your solution, then identify the best data points to speak to those questions. Elm Park LINK harnesses the power of algorithmic data science to provide new insights for your organization.



Project initiation begins with a deep dive into your specific challenges and requirements. This helps us pinpoint the most appropriate XR solution for your business. Together, we establish a roadmap and key milestones that steer the development process while still allowing for flexibility to allow the project to evolve.

Design and Development

We take our modular foundation and tailor it to align with the requirements of your project. We construct a 3D environment and craft a user interface and user experience that speaks directly to your target audience. Throughout this process, we maintain open and continuous communication with your team to ensure we not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Throughout the development process, we rigorously test each iteration of the solution, both internally and in collaboration with your team. We work in tandem to guarantee that the solution not only meets technical specifications but also achieves the desired look and feel that resonates with your end users.

User Evaluation

Once we have hit all of our milestones and function requirements, we invite your team to experience the solution in full. This hands-on experience enables us to gather valuable feedback that guides us in our fine-tuning and optimization process. It is only through the collaboration with our subject matter experts that we can optimize the solution for the best possible user experience.


We are dedicated to helping you maximize the long-term value and impact of your solution. Beyond implementation, we provide ongoing support and are eager to work with your team on further enhancements, expanded integrations, improved insights, and potential strategies for commercialization.